The production is mostly handled by known producers, Large Professor, DJ Babu, Evidence, and The Alchemist all drop a track apiece to give it some of that name power. Actually, the production, for the most part, is on-point. “Chocolate Honeys,” which is the token track for the ladies, is equipped with a melodic background music with an interesting wood-wind sounding sample from Thayad Ausar. “Back It Up,” which was produced by Masterkrapsman, who handled a bulk of the production work, brings a beat that reminds the listener of the hip-hop golden years. The horn driven beat is a definite head nodder. The standout track is done by one of the “pros,” as DJ Babu laces a beat that not only sounds like a classic, it is also an example of all involved shining the best on the title track.


released February 23, 2010



Killa Kali Los Angeles, California

(KALI) Knowledge all lyrical ingredient.
Fresno born, North Los Angeles Raised rapper Killa Kali grew up in the golden era of hip hop and has been influenced by the fathers of rap like Sir Ibu, Rakim, MC Shan, Big Daddy Kane, GhostFace, Raekwon, NAS, and many others. Kali was inducted in to Gold Chain Music in 2005 by Turbin And Planet Asia. Taken under the wing of Planet Asia. GCM ... more

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